Disinfectation Villas & Apartments

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Disinfection by airways is applied to the hotel industry.

Hotels are characterized by the brevity of clients’ sojourns. Therefore, the same hotel room will be used by numerous and varied clients in a single year. Due to this diversity, hotel rooms contain an enormous amount of bacteria and germs. It should also be added that some rooms may keep a trace of some clients (cigarettes, etc). An efficient disinfection will first ensure that the new patron finds a healthy environment and that, at the same time, unpleasant smells have been eliminated.

Automatic disinfection for undertakers.

We could find many infectious accidents in the past that were caused by human remains, as nonpathogen bacteria in living humans turn into pathogens after death. The cadaver constitutes therefore one potential danger for the hygiene and public health. The alteration of the bodies accompanies a series of changes sush as swelling, discolouration and olfactory emissions.

By performing a disinfection, the environment of the individuals working in this field is secured.

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